Your high quality audio library

Kammertone.com is a collection of commercial, high resolution audio files for your project.

Search for music, sound effects, atmos, room tone and more. Everything you need to finish your movie, video game, audiobook or short film is right here..

Sometimes looking for good sound effects can be quite a pain. Because often your search only yields audio that is noisy, expensive or just badly made. And when you finally find a sound you like you have to read long license text to find out what you are allowed to do, but really you just want to start your creative process and don’t want to be bothered by legal texts.

Therefore we created Kammertone.com – An audio library to set you free of all these problems.

First of all every audio file can be used for commercial and private projects alike. Every bit of audio is listed under the same license – read it once and you are good to go!

Every file on this website is curated by hand to ensure broadcast standards.

So no more user-generated, noisy audio with background chatter. Download clean, clipping-free stereo sounds. Trust Kammertone.com and forget all worries about mono compatibility and Loudness.

Because music, atmos and drones are EBU r128 conform to make your life easier.

Choose your format

You have options to download every sound effect as a mp3 or a wav.

When possible we try to provide looping audio as well. Every sound effect is cut in a sensible way. No unnecessary silence. As a result you can drop in an audio file file and start to work without tedious cutting.

Can’t find what you are looking for in our audio library?

Contact me and I will try my best to record or invent the sound you need. I will record the sound of footsteps, typewriters, the ocean – Just send me a letter through the contact form.

If you are interested in the creation of the sounds on the site check out my YouTube Channel.


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