Frequently asked questions

“Where can I use the sounds?”…

Note: the following section is a brief summary of our terms of use. However it is still recommended to read up on the full and detailed set of rules you have to follow.


Where you can use our products

You are permitted to use our audio library to create videos, movies, short films, video games, audio books and apps.

Note: It is not allowed to release our content under an open source license, so make sure the media you release containing our content falls under a closed license.



Credit to this website is not necessary, but very much appreciated.

Note that under no circumstances you can claim that material provided by was mad or is owned by yourself or a third party.


Non commercial use

You are free to use our audio library for any of your non-commercial projects. 


Commercial use

You are free to use our audio library for commercial projects including advertisement, movies, video games, short films and online content.


Musical productions and remixing

You are allowed to use our content in a musical production, as long as the original audio is altered in transformative way. This includes sampling and remixes.


Using our library on YouTube, Vimeo etc.

You can use our products on video platforms. Please refrain from uploading unaltered / slightly altered versions of our audio on these platforms. As supporters of fair use you are allowed to play unaltered parts of our library in order to critique/promote content.


Where you can’t use our products
Releasing Open Source

You are not permitted to release our content under an open source license.


Redistribution on own website

You are not allowed to offer downloads of our content on any other website. 


Reselling modified versions

You are not allowed to create and distribute any media that competes with using our content.

This applies to the media available on and alterations of our content. 

This includes but is not limited to:

-Applying reverb/other effects

-changing length, pitch or frequencies

-layering of multiple files



You are not allowed to redistribute our sounds in bundles. It does not matter matter if the bundle exclusively contains media from or third party content as well.